Media pitching: A guide to get your press coverages

  1. The story must be relevant to the media: Bringing a relevant topic to the table is the first step in getting attention from the journalists. Media relations experts should pitch the story only to relevant media (making a media list in advance would help). Some brands pitch their content to too many media, even to journalists covering an unrelated sector. Imagining sending a real estate report to a technology media; from the journalist’s point of view, it would be disturbing instead of informative. Furthermore, there is a risk of getting your good piece of press release marked as spam the next time.
  2. Keep an eye out for ongoing trends and social issues: Old stories and outdated data won’t impress the media. If your stories stay on the current trend and address topical discussion, you’re more likely to gain their attention. To the media, news from a few days ago is already old news, so be sure to take your chances.
  3. Newsworthiness: First of all, it must be news — covering something that the public haven’t know yet (i.e. new products/services launching, brand opening, outlet opening, new announcement, etc.); second, the information should bring value to the local audience. We’ve seen people mixing up advertising and promotional information in their press release. It’s one of the most common flaws on why you don’t get published. If it is too promotional, then the article is an advertorial, not a press release.
  4. Be concise: Whereas it is through email or phone call, keep the pitch concise, accurate, factual, and simple. Doing some research on the journalists to get to know their field of interest is also a smart way to plan out your approach and increase your chances of getting news pick-up. Be sure to highlight the main point of your story, and how it could be of interest to the media’s audience.



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